The most important facts about FinanceFox

Questions about FinanceFox

What is FinanceFox?

FinanceFox is the independent service platform for all your insurance needs. With us, you can have all contracts at your fingertips and always get the best terms and professional advice. You can easily access all your insurance contracts at any time from anywhere and request and enter into new contracts or quit the old ones with just one click — all on a completely independent service platform and, of course, absolutely free of charge. In the event of damage we will also be at your side. Your personal consultant will take over at this point and will handle everything for you so that you can lean back and relax until everything is done.

Who is behind FinanceFox?

The company with locations in Berlin, Zurich and Barcelona was founded in November 2014 in Switzerland by Amir Suissa, Dario Fazlic, Teodoro Martino and Julian Teicke with the view of giving the customers an overview of their insurance contracts — anytime and anywhere. Together with marketing, insurance and IT specialists, the young team developed the first service platform where you can access all your insurance contracts and get a completely unbiased, vendor-neutral advice.

Is FinanceFox really independent?

Yes! FinanceFox is absolutely independent of insurance companies and brokers. We have no interest in favoring certain insurance companies or consultants. For this reason, at FinanceFox you are managed by independent brokers that provide unbiased, vendor-neutral advice based solely on your needs.

Why do we call us FinanceFox?

Those who are smart have all their finances and insurances at their fingertips. No other animal on earth represents clever and well-thought-out decisions as the fox. It is our mission to help you manage your insurances in a similarly smart manner at all times. Did you know that in summer real foxes often feed on fruits such as cherries, damson and mirabelle plums? A fox is also a responsible “family man”. It stays faithful through all its life and lovingly cares for its cubs!

Is FinanceFox really free?

Yes! Our customers can use FinanceFox completely free of charge — including importing contracts and all the services. Our expenditures will be reimbursed by the insurance companies for assuming parts of their customer service. This way, the insurance companies have less to do and save money, and we can provide you with even better service for your contract needs — and all this from a single source.

How does the registration process work?

Registering with FinanceFox is quick and easy. Here, you have two options to choose from: You can register via your browser with your email address, a min. 8-character password and your phone number. Alternatively, you can download the app for iOS directly from the App Store or Google Play for Android and register in the app. You can then select your existing insurances, find your desired consultant and accept the broker mandate to allow us to import your contracts and support you all around. Finally no more paperwork!

Why do I have to sign at the end of the registration?

Even though FinanceFox is cost- and obligation-free, we still need a signature from you. We need your permission to request your contract data from the existing insurance companies and to display it in the app. With the same broker mandate you can also easily make changes from within the app, claim damages or cancel insurance policies. If you enter into a new contract on FinanceFox, you need to provide another signature for security purposes.

What exactly is a broker mandate?

A broker mandate authorizes FinanceFox and your selected consultant to maintain contracts to insurance companies on your behalf. With this authorization, we can do the following for you:

  • Show contracts in the app
  • Make changes to insurance policies, such as address changes
  • Claim damages and arrange payments
  • Quit contracts
  • Enter into new contracts

Of course, we can arrange all this only upon your explicit request. Just tell us — simply via the app or on the website — what you want and we will do it for you. This way, you will have everything under control at all times without having to worry about anything!

How do my insurance contracts get submitted to FinanceFox?

By the broker mandate granted by you, FinanceFox has the right to request your contract data from the insurance companies and show it in the app. This process has been automated and digitized by FinanceFox so that you can always see the most recent contract data.

Who will be my future contact for all insurance matters?

After registering successfully, you will only have one personal consultant for all your insurance contracts managed through the service platform. This consultant is registered as an independent consultant in the brokers’ register of the respective Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In order to obtain such registration or approval, the consultant must provide a certificate of no criminal record and a corresponding specialist certificate. The advices you get are focused exclusively on your needs and desires. Your consultant is absolutely independent, independent and vendor-neutral.

Can I still contact my insurance companies?

Sure. If you want to, you can still contact each representative of your insurance companies for all your questions. But with FinanceFox you do not have to do it anymore and can save time. Your consultant is available anytime, anywhere and can take over everything for what you previously had to contact your insurance companies — free of charge, of course.

How is my data protected at FinanceFox?

The privacy of our customers is one of our highest priorities. FinanceFox is committed to keep all your personal information and data strictly confidential. In addition to the use of personal passwords, all your data is transferred to our servers using encrypted connections (SSL). Furthermore, we promise to never disclose your data to third parties. For more information, please visit: https://www.financefox.de/datenschutz.

Why does FinanceFox do an authentification via text message?

To successfully complete your registration process, we will send you a verification code via text message. This code is used for identification and security purposes to prevent third parties from registering or logging in with your account.

What insurance companies does FinanceFox have on the platform?

FinanceFox is aimed at offering the customers all insurance companies that exist in Germany so that you can view, customize and compare your respective contracts and enter into new ones as desired. Currently, there are over 200 insurance companies on the platform.

What kind of insurance can I have managed with FinanceFox?

FinanceFox is your reliable partner for all private insurance matters — from health insurance to car insurance. However, with the exception of insurance for small businesses and freelancers, our offer does not include commercial insurance for enterprises.

What kind of information do I receive from FinanceFox regarding my insurances?

The FinanceFox app offers a complete digital overview of all your insurance policies. This includes all the important information about your current insurance coverage, your insurance rates and upcoming deadlines. At the same time, the app also allows you to compare your insurance coverage with other offers in the market and optimize it if necessary.

Does FinanceFox change any of my contracts, rates, or coverage?

No. Digitizing your contracts does not change anything in your insurance coverage, services or rates. FinanceFox offers you the advantage of having your contracts at hand and making changes — anytime, anywhere. You can also always count on the independent and free support of your personal consultant.

Does FinanceFox help to optimize my insurance coverage?

Yes, if that is what you want. Immediately after your registration and the successful digitization of your contracts, we run the FoxCheck for you where we ask for your needs. After analyzing your current insurance profile, your personal consultant will make suggestions on optimizing your insurance coverage. Of course, it is free of charge and completely without obligation.

How can I enter into / change / quit an insurance contract with FinanceFox?

It is very simple. You can easily apply for a new insurance policy, request a rate change or cancel one of your insurance policies in the app using an appropriate button. Your personal consultant will then contact and support you if needed or if you have any questions.

What should I do in the event of damage?

You can always count on us in the event of damage. We will use our extensive experience to help you get the most. First, you record the claim through the FinanceFox app. Your personal consultant will then contact your insurance company directly and initiate everything else.

What should I do if I have lost my smartphone?

Please call or email us as soon as possible. Your FinanceFox account will be blocked to make sure that your data is secure.

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 311 99 241

Email: [email protected]

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you are still logged into the app, log out and click on “Forgot password?” at login. Enter your email address and your phone number. Once you have verified your phone number again in the next step, you will be able to enter a new password.

You can also contact our service team by email at [email protected] or by phone at + 49 (0)30 / 311 99 241, and we will send you a new password.

How can I end cooperation with FinanceFox?

You can end cooperation with FinanceFox at any time by sending an email to [email protected] or calling us at + 49 (0)30 / 311 99 241. Your account and any associated data will be deleted.