Your pocket insurance manager

Your benefits


Always the best conditions

We optimise your contracts, insurance benefits and annual insurance costs.


100% independent

Our consultants are not tied to commissions.


Personal consultation

A personal contact for all your questions and concerns.


Free of charge

No minimum contract period and no hidden costs.

It’s simple

Customized offers at your fingertips

With a few clicks you can request a quote for an existing or new insurance and receive multiple offers from us within 24 hours. Contracts can be concluded and quit with our assistance.


Easily report claims

Whether liability claim, car accident or bicycle theft Рwe know what to do and take care of all your needs quickly and easily.

Keep track of all your insurances

Effortlessly keep track of your insurance costs, contract details and terms. No matter where you are – always have your contracts with you.


An answer to any of your questions

Your personal consultant will easily explain everything you want and need to know about your contracts. No more, no less and around the clock. If you want to keep your existing broker or have a desired broker, you can simply inform us.

Available anytime, anywhere

No matter when or where – your insurance hero is always there for you. FinanceFox is available as an app for your smartphone, on the web and for tablets.


What our users say

Honest, uncensored Feedback

Amazing customer support

The customer service did an amazing job and everything was focused on my personal needs. Requesting new offers is really easy to understand.

I feel secured

I signed up with FinanceFox and had a really good consultation with my agent. Now I’m saving money and feel really secured. Works!

Feeling satisfied

I use FinanceFox for almost 6 months and I feel really satisfied. I can always talk to my consultant and clarify every issue easily in the app.

Easy, smooth and laid back

I’m pleased that so far everything has been so easy, smooth, and laid back and look forward to the FoxCheck that was announced.

Did you know?

Set up in just 5 minutes

Setting up your account is easy. Using FinanceFox is completely free and of course you can uninstall the app at any time.

One consultant for all your insurances

We are your partner for all given contracts. The broker mandate allows us to provide you with advice at your explicit request.

Your data is safe with us

With 256-bit SSL-encrypted transmission technology and storage in Germany, your data is just as safe with us as it is with your bank.